Do Professional Mosquito Treatments Work – Learn The Truth

mosquito treatment in Greatwood

Are you sick of the recurrent mosquito attack every spring? You may be thinking of getting a professional mosquito treatment in Greatwood, but not sure whether it really works. Well, it does, and in this article, you will learn all about it.

Destroy the Root

You may think that getting a mosquito spray is an effective and cheaper option than hiring a professional service. However, what you overlook here is that though those sprays may kill the mosquitoes, the mosquito eggs remain.

The eggs can mature and hatch merely within 10 days, bringing a fresh batch to your house. Professional mosquito treatment services ensure to destroy the breeding areas with chemicals, also getting rid of the eggs.

Kills Multiple Pests

The service professionals use effective chemicals like pyrethrum that do not just kill mosquitoes but also other insects. These pests may be hiding under the shrubs, but the professionals how to treat them.

With a monthly professional treatment, you can rest assured that your kids and pets can roam around the yard without any worry.


Professional mosquito services have years of experience, which is why they know how to conduct adequate treatment. It will eliminate any trial and error methods that you will have to try if you choose to use DIY practices. Additionally, you can learn some essential mosquito-preventing measures from these experts.

EPA Certified

You may also wonder about the safety of hiring a professional service due to the chemicals they use. However, you must know that a good service will always use EPA-certified products that do not harm flora and fauna. Make sure to confirm about the same when you hire a service to get rid of mosquitoes without an environmental impact.

Final Words

You may get your hands on several natural remedies or chemical sprays to treat the mosquitoes by yourself. However, they will only be temporary, even if effective. A professional mosquito treatment service knows where to and how to apply the chemicals for powerful results.